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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg explain how the animators made their jokes even funnier.
Photo: ENews! Unless you are into hot-dog-on-bun intercourse or pita-bread-on-bagel anal sex (and you may be, no judgment
This film was designed for all ages and I still agree. I recommend it for ages 6 to 13 specifically. Younger kids will enjoy the bright colors, dancing and singing. Older kids can appreciate how difficult it was to make this film and the storyline itself.
From our friends at Splash Entertainment comes the new animated feature, Norm of the North. This delightfully friendly story features a polar bear named Norm along with his three lemming friends who end up in New York City where Norm becomes the mascot of a corporation he soon learns is tied to the fate of his homeland, the Arctic.
Production Designer Michael Kurinsky discusses the excitement of redecorating the hotel for Mavis and Johnny's wedding, including
An overwhelming majority of doctors and caregivers have agreed that the Make-A-Wish wish process can make a big difference
"You don't have to conform. People are just making cool sh*t."
I know, I know, my title may sound a bit redundant but the truth is the first time I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 I...hated it. Not loudly or emphatically but with a quiet burning dislike.