Stop sneering at Nevada: we've got Michael Heizer. For almost five decades, the internationally renowned Land Artist has etched, dug, plowed and excavated the state.
The final step in the hero's journey is for his or her community to recognize the initiation for what it is. When the individual
Our resident magical thinker makes sense of the year's most baffling craze.
In the Betwixt series, I talk a lot about Nature Spirit Allies. For many seekers, these allies are engaged through work with fetishes, or power items, as has become the phrase-of-the-day.
To watch an Apichatpong Werasethakul film is to be lulled into a dream state. His latest film, Cemetery of Splendour, which premiered at Cannes this week, immerses you in a surreal, and yet real, world on the line of wakefulness and sleep.
Then I went to the Death Market. It's not all gross gore -- I did find one living thing in the Witchdoctor market... Penny
Despite our best strides in incorporating a shamanistic worldview, we still look upon such bare demands as archaic or outmoded. By our keen intellect, we see ourselves as somehow beyond that base need.
As seekers on a shamanistic path it's not just suggested that we root into the unseen as deeply as possible, it's expected
Part of the mystery and responsibility of being human -- soul in form -- is realizing our power. New Age culture has put
Laguz -- Water -- Fascinating that Laguz visits as mere miles from me Chapel Hill is flooded with more rain to come, while