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The gun lobby agrees to scrub a scene of Chicago's "Bean" to settle a lawsuit by the artist, who was appalled by the video's "vile" message.
The encounter with Anish Kapoor's work "Descent into Limbo" sent one man to the hospital.
The worries that even nanotech proponents had in the early 2000s about possible health and environmental risks - and their impact on investor and consumer confidence - seem to have evaporated. So what's changed?
"It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black."
Jeffrey credits his University of Illinois Professor, Edward Zagorski, for helping him to develop a clear sense of Design, as distinct from "shaping and making." Jeffrey calls Design "the secret operator behind everything-automobiles, furniture, appliances, toys..."
“I never used the words from which the controversy stemmed," Kapoor told Le Figaro. "I never said 'The Queen. I referred
The descriptor "site-specific" is often invoked when describing Anish Kapoor's monumental installation works.
Kapoor is the latest artist to contribute to Versailles' initiative of introducing contemporary art in dialogue with the
The Inhotim Collection is billed as "the only Brazilian Institute with a world-class collection of contemporary art continuously on display."
The ancient port city of Muziris, perched at the mouth of the Periyar River near the tip of the Indian subcontinent, offered harbor to merchant fleets of Greece, Rome, Phoenicia, and Egypt in the earliest centuries of global maritime trade.
A well-traveled Tony Karman, President and Director of EXPO CHICAGO, recently returned from visiting Galleries in Berlin, Paris, Milan, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Mexico City, Basel, Canada and Brussels.
8. Leo Villareal's "The Bay Lights" (2013) Kapoor's iconic "Cloud Gate" takes the form of an 100-ton stainless steal bean
This week marks the third year of Frieze New York, the London fair that went head-to-head with the tradition of the Armory Show and took NADA and Pulse with it, subsequently asserting itself as a "fair" contender.
Laure Prouvost, surprised many by taking home the prestigious prize with her moving piece Wantee, which weaves together a fictional narrative about her grandfather's relationship with artist Kurt Schwitters.
And finally, you encounter another extremely ambitious and particularly inspiring public artwork -the Crown Fountain by Catalan
Iconic British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki have teamed up to create one of the more otherworldly
Nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking beauty of Inhotim, Brazil's best-kept secret for lovers of contemporary art.
Public art is a democratic entity, open to everyone, not just art seekers going to visit museums and galleries. We've rounded up ten public art projects from around the world that are well worth a visit and accessible to all.
For all that this concentrated strength is a heroic phenomenon, like most heroic phenomena, it carries a necessary flaw. José