Anita Hill

Thomas is currently embroiled in several ethics violations that have comprised his impartiality on the highest court in the land.
One of the first women to publicly come forward with sexual assault accusations against Russell Simmons reflects on finding her strength.
Just 35% of respondents in a study from a commission chaired by Anita Hill believe "a powerful individual" would face accountability for sexual harassment.
The former vice president has been scrutinized for his handling of Hill's sexual harassment claims against now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
The law professor said the issue of sexual violence "needs to be addressed" because it is a systemic problem.
Hill said she doesn’t believe Biden’s handling of her sexual harassment claims against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “has disqualified him."
The law professor delivered the commencement speech at the private women's liberal arts college on Friday.
Her opinion piece in The New York Times takes a swipe at Joe Biden but also lashes a system that is still failing to take sexual harassment and assault seriously.
Her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, faces renewed scrutiny over the issue as a 2020 presidential candidate.
After numerous apology attempts, the 2020 Democratic contender finally took personal responsibility for Hill's mistreatment during a 1991 Senate hearing.