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The worst online abusers of women aren't who you think they are.
2016 is the year I have realized that the men on the other side of the window are not all religious or political conservatives. Many of them are liberal in their worldview and the champions of progressive causes.
A new video gets to the bottom of this.
We can't wait to see which women will be stepping forward to lead the way next year.
You can't ignore the latest video from GamerGate's biggest enemy.
Media is a mirror of how we see the world, and increasingly venues for experiencing that media seem to be the targets of individuals who would wage the culture war in a more literal fashion. It makes me afraid.
Apparently, this is trickier than it sounds.
Trolling is bullying, plain and simple. It can happen to anyone who gains a large following, especially in tech. And unfortunately, women are often singled out for the worst abuse.
As head of a game development studio -- and as a human being -- I am appalled by the venom that is being spewed.