“Don’t cover my mouth,” he told his killers, according to a Turkish newspaper. “I have asthma, don’t do it. You’ll suffocate me.”
Investigators are looking into the possibility that the missing journalist's remains may have been taken to a forest outside Istanbul or to another city.
Ankara officials said such activities could jeopardize public safety.
It was the second quake of magnitude exceeding 6.0 in the broader region this year, a level that can cause considerable damage.
The president also took aim at the European Union.
Erdogan had to give up the party's leadership when he was elected president nearly 3 years ago. That changed with April’s referendum.
Kurdish YPG soldiers are fighting to retake Raqqa.
The move comes amid fierce opposition from Turkey.
There has been some speculation that Erdogan could call a new election so that his new powers could take effect right away.
Germany and Turkey have been locked in a deepening row after Berlin banned some Turkish ministers from speaking to rallies of expatriate Turks.
Turkey wants the U.S. to take its concerns seriously. The mayor of Ankara isn’t helping.
This recent action deepens the row between the two NATO allies.