The actor died Sunday after battling a terminal illness.
I knew, slightly, a local dancer who helped fill out the chorus line and she was invited to a party at Brenda's hotel room after a performance and I tagged along, hoping to get to meet Ms. Lee. We went up in the hotel's elevator with what looked like two body guards and my friend was admitted to the party, but not I.
Laurie Wells, Austin Miller, and Kelly Felthous in Trip of Love Photo Credit: Matthew Miller 1) What Becomes of the Broken
The secret weapon in Fade To Connie's feast for the eyes and ears is the unique psychedelic backdrop of films and hit music
Was he anti-Semitic, or racist in any way? In movies he created a character who was fresh and original. The 1930's romantic
Without women's stories, we see only half of our world. Without women filmmakers showing us what it really means to be a woman within what has long been a patriarchal society, we cannot appreciate the many struggles women have experienced, nor the sweetness of the victories won.
Ann-Margret had one of the most meteoric rises, falls and carefully orchestrated comebacks in film history. She was a natural talent, a real triple-threat girl who could act, sing and dance. The problem was, she was born too late.
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It's always energizing to see an actor give a breakthrough performance -- which is something that you get from Ari Graynor in Lucky, opening in limited release Friday.
Laurel: I didn't get to see you in your little sailor suit. (pouting) Bus: I never saw you in your bridal gown. You did wear