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1. Apologizing. This one is probably something that could be applied to all women everywhere, but especially in a professional
Q. There's a lot of clothing companies around, why this particular match with Lou & Grey for you Alana? Q. What's the signature
"Now I don't give a shit if you know my jacket is from Ann Taylor."
Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of dresses that cut cost, not style.
A few months prior to her cancer diagnosis, Stephanie noticed an unusual lump forming in her right breast. She didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until months later, while laying in bed, that she felt the lump again. At the time, she was just 31 and had never thought of getting a mammogram until after 40. 24 hours later, Stephanie got the call that would change her life forever.
Going for a big-ticket item involves risk, since the competition is intense. But Jen Smialek, 32, a Boston-based freelance
PHOTOS: And these are certainly shoes worthy of that woman: With a line encompassing caged booties, kitten heels, leopard
Just ask Jennifer Lawrence. A touching video has emerged showing the 22-year-old actress' parents gushing about their daughter's
Andrews, who has the degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa, uses Cricket to navigate since her condition has rendered
The company's latest Photoshop Fail? Sticking thumbs where they don't belong. See more Photoshop Fails! We appreciate Ann
We appreciate Ann Taylor LOFT's restraint when it comes to design (they're our go-to for simple, colorful tees). But the
Sounds all right to us. The colors are "hip" (we see, Ann! You're embracing neon!) and the silhouettes look lovely, just
Kiehl's has embraced the demographic with resounding success. The skincare brand with a young, urban edge started as a single
Shoppers interviewed at Macy's flagship location expressed a more mixed view. Kimberley and Tim Kleczka of Villanova, Pa