anna akana

The Asian-American actress and producer bucks stereotypes as a strong lead in an upcoming series that’s being described as the “woke ‘Mean Girls.’”
"I would get on the bus thinking, maybe he'll stop today," Jessica explains, holding back tears as she speaks.  Her words haunt me. Jessica, along with 3.2 million other kids in the United States are bullied every year.
Anna Akana ("Miss 2059") wants you to learn more about the Crisis Text Line where all it takes is for someone to send a text to save a life.
YouTube star Anna Akana wakes us up with this inspirational quote from Leonardo da Vinci.
Finally, an account of what it's actually like to party with Katy Perry on a Friday night.
Akana goes on to list the ridiculous amount of paraphernalia women are advised to get to ward off rapists, including weapons
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A step-by-step takedown of "yellow fever," or the desire to date Asian women often accompanied by bizarre, offensive attempts
Whether you want the perfect, sun-kissed blush or super sharp winged eyeliner, we can guarantee that there's a makeup tutorial