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Some lawmakers are less bold when their party is in power.
The California lawmaker was the first to hear Blasey's allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh.
It's a common refrain from someone who truly understands the merits of a strong, vibrant Silicon Valley, and Rep. Eshoo should be applauded for maintaining her focus on jobs and the economy.
Maybe it's what you'd expect from Silicon Valley's representative in Congress, but Congresswoman Anna Eshoo really understands the intimate connection between public policy and our digital future.
The two California Democrats in the House of Representatives, who count Google as a major campaign contributor, asked the
It is undeniable that the communication industry has brought transformational benefits to consumers, and the future of the industry is boundless. Policymakers, however, continue to have a pivotal role either as catalysts for investment and innovation or creating potential hurdles to new technology
"Pushing to keep the ban out of this bill is the first sign of life among congressional Democrats we've seen in a while," said
Read the full text of the lawmakers' letter below: Notable companies holding contracts include ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase
In June, a coalition of more than seventy reform groups urged support for the bill in a letter to Congress. The coalition
While the White House and FCC sold us out on net neutrality, yesterday produced an important victory in the fight for an open internet. Congressman Bobby Rush was denied the position after ColorOfChange members opposed his candidacy.