Anna Gunn

“It was fairly early on that a guy stood up and said, ‘Why is your character such a b***h?’”
Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper "Equity" (Sony Pictures Classics) James Purefoy plays Michael, Naomi's lover. He is also a
There is no need to worry because the women behave just as badly as the male bankers on Wall Street have for decades. The
"You really like those AMC shows don't you?" a woman asked me recently. To which I said, "Yes, I do." For AMC means it when they say story matters here. Also, it's their compelling characters who give depth to their stories. Therefore, both story and characters matter at AMC.
Season 5 of "Portlandia" will also feature a handful of celebrity cameos, including Natasha Lyonne, Anna Gunn, Greta Gerwig
If you haven't been watching Gracepoint, and the ratings say you haven't, you have been missing a show that is pure quality in every aspect. It is a shame it has not developed a following. Of course it is never too late so jump on the bandwagon and watch this show.
Whether other "Breaking Bad" members appear in the show or not, fans can at least take comfort in the fact that "Better Call
Whether all these figures are anti-heroes, or in some cases something else entirely, is an interesting question. As is the question of why anti-heroes are so important in quality television. Short form answer is that they match the times. It's a mostly cynical and sour era, with little faith in institutions or, generally speaking, leaders.
Since Laura Eason calls her tense romantic comedy Sex With Strangers, audiences can be forgiven for jumping to the correct conclusion that these strangers -- they're both writers -- won't waste too much time before having torrid sex with each other.
Anna Gunn's estranged husband is so into the last season of "Breaking Bad" -- he wants a piece of it. Gunn's husband -- Alastair
Well, this is awkward. The only thing more uncomfortable than casting auditions are casting auditions in which you have to
I had the pleasure of attending IBM Pulse yesterday in Las Vegas. Nearly 10,000 customers partners, IBM employees, and media
When searching for the perfect wedding gown, sometimes it's best to look to the stars -- of the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, that is.
TV Line reports that Nolte will play "Jack Reinhold, a stubborn, unmarried, willful man who has lived in Gracepoint for 20
Anna Gunna is following up her "Mindy Project" guest role and sticking in the Fox family by starring in "Gracepoint," Fox's
Anna Gunn is trading in a meth empire for scrubs and will guest star on "The Mindy Project," E! Online reports. She'll be
See more photos on Voegeli's Twitter. Voegeli started tweeting photos -- they're awesome and will make you feel all sorts
But Gunn was quick to address her apparent weight loss, telling People that she was actually facing an illness that made
While Fashion Week finishes up in Milan, the real action took place last night in Los Angeles at the Emmy Awards.