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Paquin recently discussed her bisexual identity on HuffPost Live, telling viewers that "monogamy and bisexuality are [not
Paquin, who has been out as a bisexual celebrity for quite some time, made waves across the Internet last month when she
While gay marriage is at the forefront of the LGBTQ movement, actress Anna Paquin advanced another conversation after tweeting that she's "proud to be a happily married bisexual mother." We discuss commitment with bi men & women who've tied the knot.
We love Anna Paquin! The "True Blood" star took to Twitter this week to declare her out and proud lesbian, gay, bisexual
It's interesting that bisexuals -- in particular, bisexual women -- are having their bisexuality questioned because they are in relationships. Are bisexuals required to be single in order to truly say that we are bi?
She continues, "It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point. For a bisexual, it’s not
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On the different types of sex on the show: "Sex on our show is like a big muffin that's heating up, overflowing and expanding
Anna, 27, is engaged to her 'True Blood' costar Stephen Moyer and said that her coming out was no surprise to those close