Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis police discovered the object was something far less macabre.
The Maryland media company published a newspaper the morning after a gunman killed five of its staffers.
Photojournalist Joshua McKerrow told NPR that his colleagues are “never going back to the old newsroom.”
"We want our readers and our community to see that we believe things will, eventually, be OK again."
The Annapolis mayor said Trump had rejected his request to lower flags on federal buildings.
The mayor of Annapolis said earlier this week that the president had rejected his initial request to honor the five newspaper employees killed.
Hundreds poured into Annapolis streets to honor dead after the nation's latest mass shooting.
All I wanted as a kid was to have my picture featured in the local paper.
"Today, we are speechless," the paper said, after the shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, that left five dead and two injured.
Even as the newsroom shooting was unfolding, newspaper staff members reported on it.