Anne Bremner

"[The girls] are allowing the Coxes to search there," Bremner said. "We don't know if Susan Cox Powell is alive or dead, but
"Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system," Knox said in a statement provided
"The judge [had] appointed independent experts to review the forensic evidence. They concluded that the evidence was compromised
Bremner said help is needed to search the large farm in Oregon for clues. Law enforcement officers were searching a rural
"This isn't a matter of cruelty ... the question is does it meet the definition of especially cruel," Arias defense attorney
Dave Hall, a close friend of Travis Alexander's told HuffPost "I think Jodi Arias loves herself too much to actually want that."
Seattle attorney and legal analyst Anne Bremner agrees with Browne and said Arias' competency could raise several hurdles
Hall added that the threats are likely more self-preservation. "If she tells people, give me death and then they do, it's
"We went to court prepared to ask the judge not to accept it and the prosecutor did it himself," Shelly Rush told The Huffington
"They are using my sister's little boy as a pawn. He took her from us and now he is trying to take my nephew too," Armstrong's
"He planned, he schemed [and] he purchased. He stockpiled, he booby-trapped, he created mass mayhem and death. He shot a
"Obviously, it was the intent of the legislature to disallow benefits to those who [abused their positions], but isn't it
What do you think -- did the prosecution do a good job of proving Jerry Sandusky's guilt? Does the defense stand a chance
With the plots next to the two boys unavailable, Powell's relatives selected a plot about 25 feet from the boys. News of
After the alleged attack, a fire engulfed the home. Powell and his children were killed in a gas-fueled explosion. Pastor
CASE PHOTOS: (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) Since his wife's disappearance, Powell, who still wears his wedding ring, has claimed
The rendezvous came to a sudden halt when a wildlife critter strolled into the road. READ THE ARREST REPORT: Florida Arrest
"Quite frankly, I'm not sure that the victim's family would be looking for monetary reward," Sorrell said. "[Secondly], even