Anne Frank

Orange County teenagers who were photographed with a swastika at a high school party apologized profusely during a meeting with Eva Schloss.
The entry, concealed by pasted brown paper, mentions "dirty jokes," sex and puberty.
“The combination of Anne Frank and a train evokes associations with the persecution of the Jews and the deportations during the Second World War."
Pro tip: It's really easy to dress as something not offensive!
Parts of the memorial will have to be entirely replaced at a cost of $20,000.
"He could have Anne Frank‘s skeleton in his closet. They’d all vote for him again."
How the previously obscure Anne Frank Center became one of the most scathing critics of the new administration.
"The President’s sudden acknowledgement is a Band-Aid on the cancer of Antisemitism that has infected his own Administration."
Her story is a warning about the tragic consequences of turning desperate people away.
A unique pendant found in a former Nazi death camp looks similar to one she owned.