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Although much of the woodwork burned, other parts of the structure survived the massive blaze.
The City of Lights dimmed its iconic monument to show solidarity with Catalonia.
The group claimed Anne Hidalgo "lied" about their conversations, too.
The world distilled down to five short headlines. 1. In Texas, your college ID is no longer a valid form of voter identification
Paris mourns for those killed and injured in London's terror attack.
The migrants will be transferred to holding centers in and around the French capital pending the processing of asylum requests.
“Mr. Trump is stupid. He's very stupid," the mayor said.
Over the next few days, leaders from cities, local governments and other organizations around the world will gather in Lyon, France. It is an important step toward COP21, the UN conference on climate change that will happen in Paris in December. The bold actions taken not only by local leaders but also by all the range of non-state actors to reduce greenhouse gases place them at the forefront of the fight against climate change.
During an interview Tuesday with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Hidalgo announced she plans to sue Fox News after the network
“We empathize with the citizens of France as they go through a healing process and return to everyday life. However, we find