anne of green gables

Back-to-school week can be a hard for kids who struggle with writing.
What happens when you put "Anne of Green Gables" into a prestige TV machine?
Because you don’t want to waste your time watching terrible TV.
It's just as stormy and melodramatic as Anne would have wanted.
Megan Follows is to L.M. Montgomery's Anne Shirley what Daniel Radcliff is to J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter: a perfect personification
A few years after first discovering Prince Edward Island as a single mom with two young children, I invited my second husband, Dan, to see the island for the first time. I was beyond nervous. What if Dan saw this island and shrugged his shoulders?
There are a number of historical sites, must-see attractions, places to dine and shop throughout Prince Edward Island but here are my favorite discoveries.
After making my first foray to Prince Edward Island with my friend Emily and our four children over twenty years ago, I returned to Massachusetts and vowed to return every year. I made good on that vow.
Obviously the series is also about freckles. What are your thoughts on why freckles are beautiful? Redheads with freckles
Right now I need to pack. Tomorrow I'm headed to Prince Edward Island again, and this time I'll be offering advance copies
The spike in spiking has alarmed PEI farmers, and with good reason. The island's potato industry is worth over CA$1 billion
To me, settings are far more than just places in books. I view settings as essential components of every novel, because so often places convey the interior landscapes of the characters and deepen the reader's experience.