Annie Hall

“With all due respect to Woody Allen’s creative and comic writing genius,” Shula Chernick, who plays Annie, said. “I think our version is much funnier.”
Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday (played by my favorite actress Judy Holliday) is a woman who is way out of her comfort zone
Talk about turning a mood around. Blending wit, wisdom and humor, Lorna has inherited the gift of comedy, commentary and
Actor, producer, screenwriter and author Diane Keaton is undeniably one of the greatest actors to have graced the silver screen. Shining alongside such luminaries as Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Cicely Tyson and Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton has meticulously crafted her art into a Hollywood legacy.
There's no shortage of jewels in Manhattan, and I don't mean Harry Winston. From the local family run restaurants to the elegant lobbies of swanky hotels. So, stuck in the city with no Vermont country inn with a roaring yuletide in sight? Don't fret.
The famous male porn stars of the 70's and 80's were Harry Reems, Ron Jeremy (aka the Hedgehog) and John Holmes whose last
Anhedonia frees you from vulnerability. It's a perverse version of the Buddhist mantra "desire is but the beginning of suffering."
What a brilliant idea to use a primer on existentialism, that first appeared in 1958, William Barrett's Irrational Man, as the title for a movie!
Mantras are one such vehicle -- but only one. They're soothing sounds that are psycho-acoustically suited to this settling process.
After my initial elation at the rise of conferences for women, I decided to dig deeper and check if anything substantive is being accomplished at these events. Or are women's conferences simply an excuse for a feel good work day away from the office?
If everyone in the world is an award-winning something-or-other, then what's the point of awards to begin with? Why bother pretending any subjective work of art is 'the year's best,' when it should be good enough for the work to be recognized as interesting and worthy of some attention.
******************************* RW: The guy who changed it all was Mort Sahl, the subject of another of another one of my
I've always adored actress Diane Keaton's individual style from the moment I saw Annie Hall. When I was in college in the later 70s, I tried to emulate Annie.
When it comes to the Dreamliner design, the FAA and the NTSB do have very different perspectives. But unlike the couple in Annie Hall, both sides cannot be right.
In her book, Keaton concludes that imperfections are beautiful. "I feel like wrong can be right in a lot of ways," she says
The Plot As It Would Be: HAL 9000 is still evil but even more ineffective and named Siri now. 'THE WIZARD OF OZ' (1939) The
No, the reason I liked Gravity is because it was short. The entire movie clocks in at 85 minutes. I pressed the "play" button on my DVD remote. And an hour-and-a-half later I was back at my job as Jaden Smith's personal assistant.
"In my films, I wanted to capture only those romantic images in my mind. I did this with all my dream cities. Midnight in
And so an epic battle began. It pitted big, science fiction and fantasy concepts against niche, humanistic narratives about the lives of ordinary people and historical figures.