annie hart

"She truly is a testament to what is possible when you have hope."
“When we received the call for help, we were told that there had originally been two dogs, but one drowned earlier in the
Just one glimpse at this beautiful face is proof enough of the power of second chances. This article has been updated with
But still, I couldn't get that little terrier out of my mind. She was a scruffy little thing who looked a lot like Toto in
“Chandler is very dependent on Monica and takes his cues from her,” Hart told The Huffington Post in an email Tuesday. “As
He was in "major pain," Hart said, adding that Gideon was "by far one of the sickest dogs" she'd ever seen. Since Gideon
But thanks to the tireless dedication of McMahon and her team, as well as the generosity of many strangers, Kenny made jaws
Over the next four months, Dr. Youn took care of Carly, helping her heal both physically and emotionally. Hart soon learned
"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be involved in a high-speed chase down Santa Monica Boulevard at midnight
A scared and severely injured Janie, seen in the days after she was brought to the shelter. A tire mark was visible on her