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In award-winning short fiction writer Elizabeth Harris's novel Mayhem: Three Lives of a Woman, Harris masterfully explores the way that a momentary concession can irrevocably and completely change the course of a life.
"After a while you start to feel like you don't exist. Like you're never in a place long enough to exist. You stop talking
Wuorinen (whose last opera was an adaptation of a Salman Rushdie novel) has composed a score that enhances the intensity
On Nov. 29, 2005, I was on the red carpet for the historic premiere of Brokeback Mountain. Everyone in attendance that night became a part of history, helping launch a profound, heart-wrenching portrayal of the costs of the living in the closet.
To describe the Jaipur Literature Festival as the rambunctious love-spawn of the mercantile-minded Frankfurt Book Fair and free-spirited Woodstock barely scratches the surface of this spectacle.
Writing the Great American Novel seemed out of the question. So instead I set out to write the Decent Denver Novel. Why Denver, you ask? Why not Denver, I say.
Accidental books are books we might not have chosen given unlimited choice, but also don't mind reading when they fall in our path.
In 1978 the Corp of Engineers built a 48 million dollar reservoir in Oklahoma called Optima Dam. Due to declines in groundwater, it has never held so much as a teacup of water.
"How'd I get the pretzel?" she asked. "Snatched it." In preparation for my biggest interview of the night, with Leighton
There is a solution to the time crunch: the beauty and brevity of a short story. For those with circumscribed time, short stories deliver, and deliver big time.
Ever since we posted our first installment of the HuffPost Readers' Picks, we've gotten a flood of further reader recommendations
Although it's not accurate to say that every facet of the adaptation of Brokeback Mountain is utterly wrong-headed, there is enough bad thought in this proposal to fill a reservoir.
The New Yorker Festival is a little like a real-life, city-wide "Talk of the Town" — a slew of short, smart, accessible events, little windows into the mind of New Yorker contributors, and a way to make myself feel better about how I spend my free time.