Annise Parker

"You don’t try to deal rationally with stupid," Annise Parker said.
The controversial right-wing pundit got put in her place after a comment about Harvey's devastation on Houston.
One called it a "naked attempt to undermine" marriage equality.
Houston's highly urbanized landscape, encircled and traversed by ribbons of highways, is comprised of parks, university campuses
LGBT and progressive groups from around the nation outspent the opposition and brought in political leaders and celebrities in support of the ordinance. But it was the conservatives, armed with their hard-hitting "bathroom campaign" and religious liberty rhetoric who resonated with voters.
LGBT rights were clobbered, hammered, devastated in the city of Houston by voters, as the Houston Equal Right Ordinance (HERO) was repealed.
Houston has been thrust into the center of the fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality, with voters set to decide on a measure Tuesday that would provide anti-discrimination protections.
"No men in women's bathrooms" is the slogan for opponents of the civil rights protections.
Opponents have been pushing for a vote for more than a year.
One signature gatherer has already admitted that he was not present when some of the petitions he submitted were signed, despite