Annual report

The leaders of top national intelligence agencies released their annual report on worldwide security threats, challenging many of Trump's false talking points.
The section on racial and sexual discrimination will also be trimmed.
State lawmakers now have the tools they need to improve medical cannabis programs to truly meet the needs of the patients they are meant to serve.
The annual report is a once-a-year opportunity for public companies to engage, educate and attract investors, prospective employees, and potential partners. Today's annual report should be an eagerly clicked-upon link that provides a personal (yes, personal!) experience to the person looking to know what a public company has been up to over its past fiscal year, and what its people have to say about it.
The agency's most significant public outreach thus far has been a year-long request for feedback on efforts to both make
If these students can work together to pinpoint and discuss our problems in a respectful and thoughtful way, why can't our politicians and leaders?
The next five years offer a historic opportunity to have an impact on the health and welfare of people in the developing world. Even in the face of tough economic times across the globe, I am optimistic.
While world leaders are focused on attempts to revive the global economy, they are neglecting deadly conflicts that are spawning massive human rights abuses.
2008-03-18-shaw_stearns.jpg I kid you not, this is the image from page 4 of the Bear Stearns 2000 Annual Report.