Elena Ferrante’s obfuscated identity was part of her art. Naturally, we had to go and ruin it.
We accept the fact that we are constantly being recorded because we expect this to have virtually no impact on our lives. But this balance may soon be upended by advancements in facial recognition technology.
I'm not saying that those things are not evidence of God's blessings in their life. But, I find it problematic that this is becoming the measure by which we perceive progress.
If you drink moderately and enjoy it that's great! But please don't question it if a former drinking buddy has suddenly gone teetotal. Alcohol addiction is a killer and you don't have to hit rock bottom to know it's time to stop.
To really hide online, you need to do it in plain sight. That means you will have to create an entire fake online persona -- on Facebook. Google, Twitter, even LinkedIn -- using this identity. Do not link any of those accounts to your actual identity or your real email address.
Here's why I've chosen (and continue to choose) to break my anonymity.
We will change the world only when we recognize that all that we do as individuals, all our technology, all our interconnectedness are meaningless unless we apply them to the whole.
By 2015, it is safe to say social networks have revolutionized the way people interact. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have grown so much that they are regularly used to strengthen national campaigns as well as international movements.
Will baby-making simply continue in this wild-west fashion? Is having a baby a "right" for everyone and anyone who can afford it, no matter how it is accomplished, with the means determined only by what is possible?
Yik Yak is a social media application that allows users to post public messages anonymously. Weeks after its birth, co-founder Tyler Droll described Yik Yak as the "welcoming, authentic version of tweeting." But it's proven to be anything but welcoming or authentic.
Do we have the right to be anonymous or does it interfere with our country's commitment to freedom of speech?
Addiction is wretched, but recovery is righteous. Recovery is possible. Recovery is living up to the spirit that is me. I can't imagine why I would I ever choose to keep that anonymous. It's who I am.
These products present three leadership challenges, all stemming from the apps' problematic foundation: How do you create a thriving organization when the product itself runs counter to creating a positive and healthy workplace environment?
"Twitter, mwitter," so said Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to thousands of supporters at a rally in Istanbul last week where he vowed to close down social platforms.
Belle Knox, who is impressively sagacious at just 18, is joining the company of some tremendous voices in the industry who are redefining what it means to be a sex worker.
Then there's Eric Yellin, former VP of marketing and distribution at Hulu. Heywood told AdAge: "We wanted on one hand the
If you had a deep, dark, potentially life-damaging secret, would you post it on a public website for strangers to comment on? No? Well, what if it was anonymous? Still no?
Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, can disguise the locations of computers and encrypt Internet traffic to allow people to