Anonymous hackers

“We gonna wreck you,” they said of the right-wing network that showed its signs at President Donald Trump’s Florida rally last week.
On the evening of December 22, Martin Gottesfeld entered the 81st day of a hunger strike in prison and took his last voluntary
The goal: to reclaim social media from the terrorist group.
What Anonymous is engaged in is nothing short of intimidation. If you truly value free speech and an open, discourse, this kind of action should scare you. To see self-proclaimed liberals carrying torches and cheering as someone's website is defaced for the merely content of their speech, is profoundly disappointing, especially because there are so many legitimate ways to handle people like Trump or the Westboro Baptists.
Whales just got an unlikely new ally in their fight to stay alive.  
I was shocked to learn that my U.S. Senator, Johnny Isakson, made the list. Could the legislator, one of the most respected members of the Senate and the state of Georgia, be a secret Klansman?