antarctic peninsula

The only continent free of the novel coronavirus has been called a "safe little bubble."
Scientists learned of the "hotspot for avian abundance" thanks to the birds' prodigious droppings.
The Greenpeace project is part of mission to create a massive Antarctic sanctuary.
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The iceberg has been close to breaking off for a few months.
Rising temperatures have prompted "unprecedented" ecological change across the Antarctic Peninsula.
Huh, it's almost like the climate is changing.
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"It’s up to us what path we go down. There’s a silver lining here.”
We are on a bus, which is carrying us to a port, where we will load up a ship. Nothing unusual about that. Nothing strange, except for our fat wool hats, our puffy penguin-y parkas, our knee-high insulated boots. Nothing weird but where we are: Punta Arenas at the southernmost tip of Chile. And where we are going: to the isolated, ice-walled bottom of the world.