Antelope Canyon

Planning a road trip in Northern Arizona? While driving along Highway 89, there are so many reasons to pull over! Here are the 10 reasons, straight to the point, telling you why you should include Page, Arizona as a stop.
This was not a vacation for the faint of heart, this was a vacation of extremes -- extreme temperatures as the Colorado River, starting just below the Glen Canyon dam, was a chilly 46 degrees F.
I discovered that some of these places are way easier to find than you would think.
Antelope from Scott Norvell on Vimeo. 2. Plan to spend at least a few days at Zion. There is a lot to do here! The town of
To the desert go prophets and hermits; through deserts go pilgrims and exiles. Here the leaders of the great religions have sought the therapeutic and spiritual values of retreat.
And as you may have guessed, the place behind the world's priciest picture has views that are, well, utterly priceless. This
By Pamela Masin You’ve thought of Paris, the Great Wall of China and the Amazon rainforest. We’ve thought of the not-so-typical