Anthony Fauci

Health experts at the University of Washington said 70,000 lives could be saved if people were scrupulous about wearing masks.
The nation's top infectious disease expert said he "wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams" that people would threaten him over public health principles.
The director of the World Health Organization urged people to practice “the basics of public health" to stop outbreaks of COVID-19.
"It doesn’t go to my head because I don’t pay much attention to it," Dr. Anthony Fauci said.
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President Donald Trump again blamed America's disturbing record of coronavirus cases and deaths on "testing."
Rep. Jim Jordan kept badgering him, but the infectious diseases expert stuck to general warnings about crowds.
"Ultimately, within a reasonable time, the plans allow for any American who needs the vaccine to get it," the nation's top infectious disease expert assured lawmakers.
The infectious disease expert on why he socially distanced the ball from the glove.
The top U.S. infectious disease expert, responding to Trump's latest touting of the drug, cites clinical trials that have found it ineffective.