Anthony Fauci

The Fox News host and GOP Sen. Ron Johnson had a kooky discussion about the coronavirus pandemic.
The nation’s top infectious disease expert called critiques against him “preposterous” and “painfully ridiculous.”
Dr. Anthony Fauci pointed to troubling infection rates in the U.K. linked to the Delta strain.
The far-right lawmaker demanded that President Joe Biden complete an investigation into Anthony Fauci by June 31.
“Some of the evidence was right in front of our faces.” Condoleezza Rice said U.S. officials may have made a mistake by dismissing the possibility that COVID-19 came from a laboratory.
The NIH director was criticized for his response in the early days of the crisis, but has since led the agency to developing highly effective treatments.
"Is there a ratio trophy," one critic mocked Donald Trump's son.
“I don’t anticipate that the durability of the vaccine protection is going to be infinite — it’s just not,” he said Wednesday.
Sometimes wanting to see more data just means wanting to see more data.
The nation’s leading infectious disease expert said it's time for fully vaccinated Americans to go mask-free.