Anthony Foxx

The feds announced a plan to require recreational drone operators to register their devices with the government.
WASHINGTON -- The government has launched a price-gouging investigation into five airlines that allegedly increased airfare
Congress continues to pass short-term funding extensions for the Highway Trust Fund, with the latest to expire on July 31
WASHINGTON -- Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Monday that Congress needs the equivalent of basketball player LeBron
U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called the rule "a significant improvement over the current regulations and requirements
Two U.S. airlines made headlines on Wednesday; Dallas based-Southwest Airlines generated ink when it reported to the Federal Aviation Administration that it failed to do required rudder inspections on 128 of its Boeing 737s.
Last year's designated survivor was Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. The designated survivor is appointed every year to
Lifting the ban on interstate tolling for purposes of reconstruction will not directly replenish the Highway Trust Fund, but it will give states the flexibility to use a reliable financing option to help meet their infrastructure funding challenges. Give states the flexibility to fund their transportation infrastructure projects the best way they see fit.
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"This is the only package with a proven history of getting big bipartisan votes in both the House and Senate," Camp said
Growing up, if I wanted to play catch, I often had to play it alone. Sometimes I'd even aim at a tree for lack of person with a glove at the other end of the yard.
He will make the case that federal funding for road and infrastructure projects could soon dry up - right in the middle of
Distracted driving is a national safety issue, responsible for 421,000 injuries and more than 3000 deaths in 2012. The problem
The Bidens were joined by notable African-American political figures, including Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson
* DOT has heard outpouring of opposition to in-flight phone calls At a Congressional hearing, Wheeler said the FCC was "proposing
Most low-income workers are women, who may be especially concerned about safety, particularly if systems aren't well-maintained, well-lit and adequately policed.
Foxx will be the first black nominee among Obama's picks for open spots in his second-term Cabinet. The president has faced