Anthony Graves

Sometimes the prosecutor needs to be prosecuted.
Charles Sebesta lied and presented false testimony against Robert Carter for the murders of six people.
Anthony Graves was wrongly convicted and sent to death row in connection with the murder of a Texas family in 1992. He spent
Anthony Graves, a wrongfully convicted man formerly on death row, establishes a law scholarship in the name of the attorney who helped free him. Graves joins Ahmed to talk about what kept him motivated to fight while on death row.
Tentatively, she rose from her seat and walked over to Anthony, who handed her a framed certificate. Her jaw dropped when
When I was on death row, I saw guys come to prison sane and leave this world insane, talking nonsense on the execution gurney.
“You’re caged in like an animal. You’re in a little eight-by-twelve foot cage, and you’re just existing. You’re existing
Anthony Graves, father of three and an African American man with no violent past, was on death row in Texas for more than a decade. We talked with Anthony about his long fight for freedom and his work to replace the death penalty with life without parole.