Anthony Horowitz

House of Spies by Daniel Silva "Another chilling glimpse inside global terror networks from a gifted storyteller." Gabriel
Storytellers are the chroniclers of our life and times. They memorialize history, dissect our complex and evolving world
So, although the argument against a particular casting choice might be frustrating on one level, on another, it makes complete sense. I believe the writer should always have the last word. Though there are two instances where I think non-traditional approaches can make sense
Not suave? Has this stooge ever seen Elba? Like, ever in life? Like, even on his worst day? If he hasn't, that's the only plausible explanation for his ridiculous remarks about the actor who first stole our collective heart as Stringer Bell, clingy-sweater-rocking drug kingpin on The Wire.
"My comments about Idris have caused offense. That wasn't my intention."
If you're like me, you're helpless in the face of any decent Holmes adventures. If so, The House Of Silk will satisfy. But if you prefer any new Holmes tale to surprise and delight in unexpected ways then you'd best stick with the canon.
The answer, Watson, is elementary. The reason Sherlock Holmes' latest adventure, The House of Silk, is only being published
Children's author Anthony Horowitz will give readers a sneak peek of a new collection of horror stories with three of them