anthony mackie

The "Captain America" star showed how the screen icon won everyone over fast.
The "Captain America: Brave New World" star spoke out about the Kang actor, who was charged with harassment and assault earlier this year.
"The round brown is looking delicious in the spandex, baby,” said the Marvel actor, who is set to star in the next "Captain America" film.
The actor didn’t hesitate to share the news with fans on Twitter.
Details about the new film are still under wraps, including what role, if any, Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan might play.
The tennis superstar made her first public appearance after withdrawing from the French Open and Wimbledon over mental health concerns.
The Marvel star had the funniest response to the figure on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
A true-crime documentary and a sci-fi movie starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan are two of the top picks on the streaming platform.
From battling Eminem in "8 Mile" to being handed the Captain America shield in "Avengers: Endgame," Mackie has been through a lot.