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The recent box office hit "Mary Poppins Returns" joins Netflix.
“I didn’t want to put on prosthetics and a fat suit, because I feel like that would’ve been disrespectful to the legacy of Dr. King.”
Directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, and screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the same quartet team that produced the second Cap film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this third Cap film shares the same traits. That is a good thing.
Slam bam thank you mam. One 3d IMAX crash after another. Enough already. I felt pulverized and longed for Casablanca. How
The guys rob a bank in broad daylight in Atlanta. They're out to steal a safe deposit box. Gabe, not one to stick to a plan
The 'Captain America' actor wants everyone to know that he was kidding.
The new star vehicle for Kevin Costner "Black or White" is, of course, both good and bad. The acting is generally good. The plotting and writing, generally not so much.
While it attempts some measure of high-minded resolution to the many complicated issues it raises, it's simply casting too wide a net to feel truly satisfying. In trying to be color blind, it just comes off as tone deaf.
Only a very perceptive filmmaker could tackle the topic of race relations and be remotely successful. It would require a writer/director to be smart, balanced, sensitive and able to see both sides of the issue.
--Actor Anthony Mackie shares his thoughts on why “Selma” didn’t receive more Oscar nominations and the cause of its lackluster