Anti-abortion movement

Facing the veto pen of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, anti-abortion rights groups in Michigan have an unusual back-up plan.
Experts say the tactic is being used to bully providers out of practice.
The site had blocked the group's content for several months before axing it.
Twitter's Jack Dorsey, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg and more signed the ad that declares equality in the workplace is "one of the most important business issues of our time."
Anti-abortion groups applaud, but scientists warn it will interfere with progress on conditions like HIV and Zika infections.
The Femm app attacks hormonal birth control as unsafe and unreliable, according to The Guardian.
“I’m not going to work in a state that discriminates," Chastain said.
With the latest attacks on women's reproductive rights, I’ve become an unwitting pawn in this political chess game.
As states sign strict anti-abortion measures into law, women in more and more states could lose access.
High school junior Jocelyn Wright was horrified by her state's new anti-abortion law. She can't vote, so she started a petition to push back.
The Supreme Court is expected to take up reproductive rights in the near future thanks to harsh new anti-abortion laws in states like Georgia and Alabama.
Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.) had faced significant criticism for planning to appear at an event boosting Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.).
Abortion clinics and their staff are on high alert as the anti-choice movement steps into high gear.
The legislation comes amid a series of anti-abortion measures moving forward in other states.
Cox urged people to include trans men in abortion debates in the wake of Alabama passing the strictest anti-abortion measure in the country.
The president falsely claimed Saturday that mothers and doctors discuss whether to "execute" a baby after it's born, elevating dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric.
House Bill 896 aims to criminalize all abortions and defines the procedure as homicide, which is punishable by death in Texas.
The legislation is just the latest in a wave of extreme anti-abortion bills intended to spark a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade.
The senator said Kavanaugh took a “logical approach” when the Supreme Court justice voted to uphold an anti-abortion law in Louisiana.
Last year the singer wore an anti-abortion gown with a “Choose Life” purse.