Anti-abortion movement

In a fiery speech, Rep. Brian Sims accused Republicans of "unnecessary overreach" during a debate on a proposal to regulate discarding fetal remains.
State legislatures with eyes on a Supreme Court showdown have introduced more than 500 bills restricting the procedure.
The legislation prohibits abortion in the state unless a pregnancy poses a risk to the mother's life. A legal challenge to the bill is virtually certain.
Anti-abortion lawmakers are hopeful that one of their bills will be the vehicle used to overturn Roe v. Wade.
And the legislation is more extreme than ever, activists warn.
Considering that more than 303,773 Americans have died of the coronavirus this year, many Twitter users felt obliged to dispute the dubious claim.
The judge's stance on abortion is evident in her past work, in the anti-abortion groups supporting her and in comments from conservative politicians themselves.
A number of anti-abortion politicians and activist groups see their goal of ending nationwide abortion rights in sight.
The case concerned a law that would leave the state with just one abortion provider.
Seven towns that passed measures banning reproductive rights groups from operating within their jurisdictions have changed course in response to a lawsuit.