anti-abortion violence

They were participating in a "red rose rescue" demonstration.
Clinic escorts in California showed they won’t be intimidated by hate.
Stalking, hate mail, and intimidating protests are the daily reality.
Going to work at Planned Parenthood every day is an act of bravery.
Last week, a shooter opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, but this isn't the first time an extremist
The shooter had help. He had help from an entire movement that has carelessly labeled abortion as "murder" and "baby-killing." Killing abortion providers flows logically from the moment you call abortion "murder" and this labeling has to stop. Now.
"The best word that could describe it is probably defiant. Resolute," Johnson said of the federal government's attitude. "There’s
A McKinney, Texas, Planned Parenthood clinic that does not provide abortions was attacked with a Molotov cocktail late Tuesday
Implying that the decisions individual women make to have abortions is the same or worse than a holocaust denying and it should stop.
Operation Rescue's Troy Newman may want to officially distance himself and his organization from violence against providers, but he doesn't want to go as far as to stop socially networking with individuals who endorse it.