anti american

Venture even further, and you'll quickly find that the image of the American tourist is reflective of how the world at large views Americans: self-entitled, oblivious to matters outside of the U.S., with little desire to learn of different cultures or languages.
While some Republicans are wont to decry anti-Guantanamo liberals as "anti-American," the only anti-American thing in this debate is Guantanamo itself. For it goes against everything our nation professes to respect and love.
Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey recounts how his wardrobe led to charges of anti-Americanism at this year's Emmy Awards. He recounted the story at the Exploring The Arts Gala 2013, which raised over $1 million for arts education in public schools.
Already under criticism by Republicans, President Obama will have to explain his policies in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria. He will also have to explain the lack of protection for U.S. consulate personnel in Benghazi.
Now, when there are some very real and very serious anti-American actions being asked for, Dimon is strangely silent. Could it be because the current anti-American requests coincide with his claims against financial reform? Of course it is.
The problem for Palin is that both she and Bachmann are favorites of an almost-identical slice of the Republican electorate. Which creates somewhat of a zero-sum game between the two: as one gains support, the other is bound to lose support.
Recent research on the psychology behind political smear campaigns indicates that some people believe slurs and falsehoods about a person if they perceive that person as different.
In America, we know what Pakistan is supposed to look like -- rife with anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories. But Pakistan is a country of contradictions, and that's where the hope lies.
One welcome development in the United States in recent years has been the slow death of anti-soccer rhetoric.
Michele Malkin is right. The teabaggers, the town hall protesters -- these people aren't un-American. They're uneducated, ignorant, and uninformed... and that's completely American.