anti-asian racism

"I never leave home without pepper spray, with the safety unlocked and in an accessible place in my pocket."
"Many of us Asian New Yorkers are afraid. But the emotion that rises in me is not crippling fear; it is un-fucking-adulterated rage."
"This s**t needs to stop. Us women, Asians, the elderly need your help," the actor wrote after she was struck "out of nowhere" by a man.
On the one-year anniversary of the Atlanta shootings, Asian Americans are calling attention to the continued rise in anti-Asian racism and violence across the country.
As people reflect on the tragedy where eight were killed, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders grapple with the continued increase in hate incidents.
Advocates have collected nearly 11,000 reports of anti-Asian hate as of the end of 2021.
Yao Pan Ma, 61, remained hospitalized following the April attack in East Harlem that led to hate crime charges being filed against Jarrod Powell.
The Hall of Fame pitcher will have to undergo bias training.
Stop AAPI Hate has collected nearly 10,000 reports of anti-Asian racism since March 2020.
The Italian soccer team shared an image of a player wearing a cone as a hat and making anti-Asian hand gestures to their 100,000-plus fans before deleting it.