anti-asian racism

"In my mind, I had been given the choice of continuing to hide and be invisible, or to be wanted and desired — and I chose the latter, every time."
Attacks on Asian Americans have spiked in the California Bay Area and nationwide since last year.
The rise in racism against Asian Americans has led to both an increase of racist incidents and greater documentation of the problem.
Jarrod Powell, 49, faces charges of attempted murder and two counts of felony assault as a hate crime, police said Tuesday.
Here's how to have age-appropriate conversations with children about discrimination and hate crimes against Asian Americans.
In a racist segment, the show "Mi Barrio" mocked the Korean language and associated BTS with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
“Exercise your freedom of speech in a right way," the Taiwanese first baseman wrote back.
The martial artist posted videos showing a man aggressively shouting at her while she was working out at a California park.
Portrayals of Asian characters haven't improved much since Abdul-Jabbar worked with Bruce Lee in the 1960s, he wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.
The NBA star said he was called an "import" and told to "go back to China" by a rival basketball team's players when he was still in middle school.