As anti-racism protests rage on across the country, Non-Black people of color are tackling colorism and racism within their own cultures.
George Floyd's death has galvanized some Asian Americans to try to start conversations with their families about anti-Black racism.
Be angry. Be outraged. Feel what you feel. Do not pretend to be something you aren’t.
Habitual liars, the whole lot of them.
It is profoundly misrepresentative and disrespectful to develop an analogous hashtag as if blue lives have an analogous experience of social life in America as black lives have.
As a black woman, it is annoying and frustrating to have white women constantly degrading us in order to make themselves
We hit a point where he had to change or we were going to separate. That point was the Trayvon Martin trial and verdict. From the moment Trayvon's murder became visible, I dismissed the idea that his murderer's actions were justifiable in any way. Imagine my surprise when Kevin said that the evidence supported the murderer's account.
The show is problematic and it often relies on oppressive tropes that for some reason seem to be excused because RuPaul is black and gay.
In Harlem, we know hate hurts. No matter if the hatred comes from a streetcorner demagogue, or a candidate for presidency of the United States. Hate words have a way of turning into hate actions. Every soul is precious. No one is disposable.
The anti-Haitianism of the Trujillo era culminated in a 1937 massacre ordered by his government that left somewhere between