anti christ

If Patmossery sounds like a fringe passion, you haven't been paying attention to 2016 headlines.
Tabloid delivers another salvo in its war of words with the GOP candidate.
Most citizens with progressive politics want policies predicated on the philosophy of humanism, not religious dogma. Internationally, progressives want full recognition of human rights. Does this mean that only atheists can be authentic progressives?
Forget about the puny Mayans, the Great and Powerful Oz ... err ... WBC has spoken. Abandon hope, sell your possessions. Better yet, leave your possessions (in my name please), run to the mountains and hide in the caves.
You may be thinking, "Just how exactly does a guy who claims to believe in the inspiration of Scripture arrive at the conclusion that God is pro-peace?
In anticipation of 12/21/12, this past year saw a return of the doomsday film. Melancholia was an okay end-of-the-world movie, but for this fan, it was not a very good Lars Von Trier film. Perhaps a third viewing is in order.
And again... When you think your political opponent is an agent of Satan, political compromise is morally unacceptable. Thus
Wardrobe-wise you have to love her violent red shirt, cloaked by a blue worker's smock indicating her loyalty and soon to
There remains an unfortunate and irrefutable perception in the Muslim world that Americans only pay lip service to their own ideals of freedom. Fortunately, President Obama's defense of the Cordoba House helps to change that.
While many are going to focus yet again on whether Von Trier is a misogynist (more on that in a minute), I found in this film a central impulse to indict as ineffective and self-deceiving man's attempts to superimpose order atop his own woefully un-examined (mis-examined?) nature.
There were a few things going on in the background this week which escaped the media's notice, for the most part. Vice President
Apparently Obama has been lying when he claims to be an African American. Seriously. Apparently, he's actually an Arab. Subtle, no?
For some time, we've seen the material flowing around the internet arguing that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ or a false Messiah. Now there's a new twist: Sarah Palin is sent by God.
Ever hear the one about Hezekiah 5:9? Yeah? I did too. Except Hezekiah isn't a book in the Bible. It just sounds like one. If you use biblical language, your audience will believe it's a Bible verse. Even when it isn't.