anti-discrimination laws

The ruling upholds a city ordinance banning discrimination against the LGBT community.
President Obama has said that his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 12 will be framed around "the big things" he sees as being priorities in the years to come, rather than taking a policy-centric approach to the speech. He has said that there is more work that needs to be done, and we agree.
The problem with the conservative -- and one reason libertarians should see them as opponents of individual rights and liberty -- is they are incapable of understanding that rights are a two-way street. Conservatives consistently demand rights for themselves, which they then want to deny to others.
The "cake wars" started because a few fundamentalist bakers refused to sell cakes to gay customers. Then, if charged with violating anti-discrimination laws, they weep, wail and flail about in the media limelight, basking in their persecution -- it may be a long way from true martyrdom, but they take what they can get.
But former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Attorney General (and now Gov.) Greg Abbott, both Republicans, appealed the judge’s
At the very least people should get their facts straight first. There is no ministry being forced to perform gay marriages. There is a business that is discriminating, not a ministry. Under the law, businesses don't have the special privileges given to religious groups.
James has used similarly inflammatory language in the past. In 2009, when he ran for Enid city council, James told a local
The potential revisions have since been slammed by a number of lawmakers. "To say this is appalling is an understatement