No, the wildfires don't have political origins, say police across Oregon.
For each member of the Proud Boys or other fascist groups that marched in Portland, counterprotesters pledged money to an Oregon immigrant rights group.
Many had feared the rally in Portland would be the most violent fascist rally of the Trump era.
"Look at Trump's Twitter ... he's watching antifa. That's all we wanted," boasts former Infowars staffer and protest organizer Joe Biggs.
Police arrested at least 13 people at the Saturday rally.
“Every one of them that shows up is raising money for a cause that they hate.”
Police say some "milkshakes" hurled in skirmishes included quick-drying cement.
The Facebook account for a Virginia police sergeant shows connections to a "neo-Volkisch" white nationalist group.
Inside the takedown of a prolific white nationalist propagandist.
“How can you go out for dinner and leave the kids at home at this point?” the host asked.