As a soldier on the other side of the battle line, I propose a cease-fire. I'll feed my kids how I see fit, and you do the
A merger with rival Syngenta could have created a monster.
On Tuesday, the Hawai'i County Council will decide whether to form an ad hoc committee of council members to analyze GMO issues and give the council recommendations for action. Otherwise, the mayor will do the analysis in-house.
Farmers and other Ag and business people on the Big Island are in disbelief - to put it mildly - that Mayor Kenoi signed Bill 113, the anti-GMO bill, last week, without first putting together a group to research the science and investigate the serious, unintended consequences we know will result.
"Smelling a Rat" Dec 1st 2013, 22:08 GENETICALLY modified maize causes cancer: that was the gist of a study, among the most
All of this hullabaloo about the Big Island's Hawaii County Bill 113, the anti-GMO bill - What it's really about is that we need to take a little more time, so we can be sure we are making good and informed decisions.
The attempt at balance strikes some council members and bill supporters as naive. A common refrain of their criticism is
We are on the verge of forcing insidiously powerful corporations to disclose what kinds of toxic experiments they are conducting on our land and people. And this is just the very tip of what is happening on Kauai, and what is increasingly happening around the world.