Everytown's calculation is this: More than statistics, more than glossy reports, its power comes from the heartbreaking, personal
It follows a teen boy who takes an unlocked pistol out of his mother's bureau drawer, slips it into his backpack, walks into his class at school and, when there are no other kids in the room, plops the gun down on the teacher's desk and says, "I don't feel safe with this at home." And that's it.
Rob Astorino, who is running against Cuomo for governor this year, and Donald Trump are among the keynote speakers scheduled
I am a gun owner. I'm also an ardent proponent of stricter gun control legislation nationwide, and I'm here to say that despite what the NRA is telling you, that stance doesn't have to be contradictory or controversial.
Anyone debating gun laws has inevitably run into a pro-gun supporter who, pulling out his trump card, has declared: "Guns don't kill people; people kill people!" But what happened in China hours before Newtown demonstrates the folly of this pithy argument.
Let's work to ensure that strong, sane gun violence prevention laws become the norm in our country, as they are in other developed nations. We can stifle the violence of the right and, in the process, make the nation safer for all.
A dragon's breath of muzzle flash momentarily blinds you through your goggles. Endorphins flood every capillary in your being. Your nostrils fill with the smell of cordite.
What's an anti-violence parent/babysitter to do? Isn't there a kids' movie out there that's fun and adventurous while advocating non-violence?