anti immigrant

The former sheriff's deputy submitted an extensive proposal that would make the border wall a recreational attraction.
Conflating refugees with immigrants gives away the notion that the Trump administration is motivated by animus not rational logic. Botching the rollout that left hundreds of travelers stranded with families split being apart, shows heartlessness.
The station now reports that she died before the immigration order was signed.
The New Americans Museum highlights immigrant contributions to the U.S.
Much of my life is spent between three locations. They represent two distinct America's - that of Seattle/Palm Springs and
Perhaps Trump can learn from Abraham Lincoln, a man he claims to admire, who called out as hypocrites politicians who claimed
We can't afford to take these statements as the ravings of extremists on the fringes of society. They are now at the gates.
Like any great nation, America has a number of myths about itself. A great American myth portrays America as "the great melting pot," a gumbo of sorts, in which people come from all over the world, from different nations, ethnicities, and cultures, to become one.
As we enter the final stages of the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to intensify their attacks on one another.
The Twitter community was on fire during his RNC speech last night.
Here are three current mean-spirited, small-minded, and populist Donalds in that group.
How can people, who presumably have the freedom to choose otherwise, fall in line behind a guy who's pretty sure that Mussolini was tragically misunderstood?
Trump's GOP enablers owe their constituents, and the country, an explanation.
We've tried to instill that sense of equality in our kids from the time they were infants. But the world being what it is, we know they're inundated by a counter-narrative every day that reinforces women (and a lot of other people) as inferior. This point was driven home to me later in the evening by none other than Donald Trump himself.
The nation's schoolchildren don't get to vote in November, but they're paying close attention to this year's presidential race. And large numbers of them are frightened by what they're hearing.