anti inflammatory diet

Brain inflammation plays a big role in the disease's progression.
Chronic pain can be tough to live with, but these 10 daily habits may help you ease your discomfort and enjoy your life.
I'm not an expert in women's health, dermatology or even cosmetics but I am a woman who has learned from personal experience that acne is more than a skin-deep issue.
I think of Rebecca Katz as a joyful wisdom keeper and a creative artist weaving together nourishing and healing traditions with science, beauty and the alchemy of masterful food preparation. When you create with this cookbook, you will end up smiling and satisfied, and you may just live a longer and healthier life.
Palmer gave many examples of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods. To find out what you should eat to have an anti-inflammatory
Which sounds like a recommendation to us! Alternative medicine kingpin Dr. Andrew Weil, a founder of the True Food Kitchen
Maintaining a healthy weight is not about your daily intake of fat -- and it is not about cutting out the carbs!