We know the shutdown is not about fiscal responsibility. If it was, Republicans would not have run up the deficit under W by trillions of dollars with two unpaid wars, unpaid Medicare prescription plan, and the Bush tax cuts.
Funded by the conservative group Generation Opportunity, the new #OptOut wannabe-movement aims to scare young people into forgoing healthcare coverage, because somewhere down the line, that will be more of a benefit to them than a burden. Right.
While the Nazi flag is a recent addition to Sincavage's home decorations, controversy is not. Six months before, he reportedly
President Barack Obama is anti-business, according to some business leaders. But the facts may beg to differ. During Obama's
In a post entitled "Kristen Neel not alone in not having a clue about Australia," the Chronicle's Mark Furler wrote that
Woman Impales Empty Chair With Bayonet, 'Lynches' It In Anti-Obama Display
Terry attracted attention earlier this year when he attempted to air a graphic ad depicting aborted fetuses during the Super
A California man's Halloween yard decoration earned him a meeting with the Secret Service earlier this week. Inflammatory
Correction: The anti-Obama birther sign was set up along a remote road in Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County, Calif., not Santa
"I realized that the conditions now are very similar. A controversial president, half the country on each side of the fence
Box office buzz around the movie may be tied to the upcoming Republican National Convention, which begins Monday in Tampa
Variety's Joe Leydon critiqued the opposite, writing that "for the bulk of its running time, the pic comes off as a cavalcade
President Barack Obama is a socialist, was raised by communists, and wasn't born in the United States, according to the former
Meet Karab Amabo: "A fat, white, small-eared idiot, who angers quickly, overreacts to everything and can bowl 300; and who
The Unsworth family request to spend cash in the deceased Unsworth's name to defeat Obama is part of the never ending creative ways that the zaniest of Obama bashers have found to ridicule and demean the president.
It is nuts that so much anger and madness swirl. More than nuts, it is sad, beyond sad, that nearly a decade after 9/11, the
In his book, The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists, Klein
Authorities have described the two as skinheads who planned a cross-country robbing and killing spree that would end with