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It's not sufficient to know that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had a violent relationship with his wife, or that Abdelmalik Petitjean visited Turkey just prior to entering a church in Normandy. What's more important is to understand what they wanted for themselves in the longer term.
Careful studies of al-Qaeda and ISIS have shown that the United States and its allies are following their game plan with some precision. Their goal is to "draw the West as deeply and actively as possible into the quagmire."
AMMAN, Jordan -- Few people are looking seriously at the Jordanian model for how to deal with the threat of terrorism. They really should.
The real difference is not between Clinton and the Republicans at large, but between Rubio and Cruz. This is worthy of serious debate -- indeed, it is central to the foreign policy identity of the Republican Party and, therefore, important to the country at large.
The media arts are a field that I see as having immense potential to shape a new generation of students around the world that are breaking down cultural boundaries and seeing in one another our common humanity. The Global Lives Project has emerged in the past few years as an ideal educational tool to do just this.
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Children no longer live in a world of simple fears like those experienced by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She gasped, "Oh my!" after learning she may soon encounter frightening "Lions, tigers, and bears."
Caught between military rule and increasing violence from Islamist groups, there is less space for peaceful dissent. Perceiving threat everywhere, the government is becoming a new sacred cow, inscrutable and unquestionable even to the most established and unimpeachable critical voices.
As the world pauses with Tom Brady to "digest" the NFL report, take our latest Week to Week news quiz and find out what else happened this week.
Jeremy Scahill joins HuffPost Live to explain why there is no way to find out if you're on a terror watchlist.