A concern troll is a person who participates in a debate posing as an actual or potential ally who simply has some concerns they need answered before they will ally themselves with a cause. In reality they are a critic, or flat out someone who wishes harm upon the transgender community.
The Girl Scouts of Western Washington have rejected a $100,000 donation after its donor insisted the money not be used for transgender participants.
The New York radio personalities who were fired last week after blasting the expansion of transgender health care benefits
Herman's donation to Privacy for All Students was first reported by Frontiers' Karen Ocamb, who spotted the chairman's name
In that spirit, a handful of activists commemorating IDAHO all over the world submitted a brief post about what homophobia
My name is Nico Lang, and I used to be transphobic. I never thought about myself that way. I thought that my emotions were normal and valid, feeling justified in my passive disgust for trans bodies.