This CNN interview with a California restaurateur may be the weirdest thing on TV this week.
The billion-user app is not only hosting — but actively promoting — vaccine conspiracy theories in the midst of a deadly pandemic.
Witnesses said Virginia Brown yelled "no vaccine" while almost hitting seven people with her SUV.
After the CDC said it was relaxing its mask recommendations for fully vaccinated people, Google searches for forged vaccination cards spiked.
The CDC's VAERS system tracks deaths that happen after vaccination regardless of whether the vaccine had any role to play. It is often cited by anti-vaxxers.
Some of the alternative terms suggested by Twitter wits include "plague enthusiast," "child cemetery advocates" and "infant infectors."
The longtime HBO host promoted the views of a well-known vaccination skeptic on his Friday night show.
The actress lobbied in California with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. against a bill that would curb fraudulent exemptions for anti-vax parents.
A spokeswoman told HuffPost the company is cracking down on hashtags attached to posts containing factually incorrect content.