antibiotic resistant bacteria

Although the new research was in mice, it could inform tuberculosis treatment in humans.
Two superbug cases have thwarted last-resort antibiotics so far.
Resistance is also spread through the use of antibiotics in industrial farming. In the US alone, the daily consumption of
We're on the verge of an antibiotic apocalypse, scientists warn.
Here’s how the software test worked: Barlow focused on a single gene in E. coli bacteria that is responsible for making the
In 2012, there were 450,000 cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and at least 10 countries have reported incidences
By: Christopher Wanjek Published: April 06, 2015 04:27pm ET The new study began after Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander, a pulmonologist
This is not the first time antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' have become airborne. A 2012 study found that sneezing, coughing
McDonald's is not the only eatery moving away from antibiotics in its poultry. Chick-Fil-A made a similar announcement in
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