The WHO director-general called the declining efficacy of antibiotics a "security threat."
It's not as simple as reducing the nation's massive antibiotic consumption.
In a new report, the WHO identified pathogens they are particularly worried about.
This isn’t just a major threat to global health – it will become THE major threat.
In a paper just published in Nature Microbiology, my colleagues and I show that antibiotic resistance genes have now become
Timeline of events The timeline of events leading to cat scratch disease first begins with a bite or scratch. Within one
Antibiotics are too effective. The gold standard in clinical trial design is the placebo-controlled randomized trial. But
Doctors say the overuse of antibiotics on farms presents a massive public health risk.
• 5-fluorouracil, brand names 5-FU and Efudex. This prescription lotion is used to treat a condition called solar keratosis