Here's why people who previously had the coronavirus are being told to still get the shots when it's their turn.
A new study shows 88% of people retain COVID-19 immunity for longer than previously thought.
Preliminary data shows some people, particularly children, may have pre-existing antibodies that could help mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
These blood tests have significant margins of error and should not be used to make public health recommendations, the CDC said.
Tests can show if you've had COVID-19 and could now be immune to it. They might also be wrong.
People who've recovered from COVID-19 may have something that can help those sick with the virus: antibody-rich "convalescent plasma."
CNN host wants to help others with COVID-19 but is a little nervous about what he has to do.
"We have the wild, wild West for testing right now," said Dr. Michael Osterholm.
Many countries are considering “immunity passports” as a way to allow people who have recovered from COVID-19 to work and move about freely.
Experts are optimistic, but say that a safe, effective vaccine may still be a decade away.